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Rainy Season Sunset in Tamarindo – Week of 9/30

Rainy Season Sunset in Tamarindo - Lucky, lucky, LUCKY me! The most magical sunset of this past week just so happened during the same afternoon of a family photo session for some of my favorite clients. The typical afternoon thundering and dark skies held off, only...

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September Sunsets in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

September Sunsets in Tamarindo, Costa Rica - Chasing sunsets has become a tad bit difficult with the rainy season grey gloom that has set in. Add in a week of no surf, and my gills are starting to dry up! Too much time to work and not enough time to play has also...

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Rainy Season Sunsets in Tamarindo Costa Rica

Rainy Season Sunsets in Tamarindo Costa Rica - One week of rained out sunsets followed by three nights of stunners this past week - - and I think Mother Nature is just warming up her sunset show! Yes, you can thank the rain for no sunset post last week - - and my...

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TGIF – Tamarindo Sunsets – August 12th

Tamarindo Sunsets Week of August 12th - Hip-hip-hooray! The new website for Samba to the Sea Photography launched this week - - how about a virtual high five?! On top of that, this past week the sunsets in Tamarindo have been INSANE. Insane as in one day it was fire...

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