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I’m a photographer for Life Livers + Beach Lovers + Sunset Dreamers

based in Tamarindo, Costa Rica & Savannah, GA.

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. pura vida


It was love at first wipeout…

A love of surfing that led to two surf trips in Tamarindo, Costa Rica within a year of that first surf lesson in Rockaway Beach.

A head-over-heels love that  my intuition whispered, 

“Quit your corporate job in NYC. Move to Costa Rica. Go surf.” 

A profound love that started Samba to the Sea, a passion for work and life.

It is a daily ritual of chasing and photographing sunsets every afternoon, serving my amazing photography clients by capturing authentic moments, and it is surfing beautiful Costa Rican waves every morning and exploring with my Chihuahua Gidget every afternoon.

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Portrait of photographer Kristen M. Brown

Samba to the Sea is a lifestyle photographer, sunset chaser, and wave dancer in Tamarindo, Costa Rica & Savannah, Georgia. All images © 2018. All Rights Reserved.